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4 December 2009

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Walk Through Petra
17 November 2009

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Camel ...
16 November 2009

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Mango Pyramid
8 September 2009

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Ramadan Recorations
6 September 2009

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Night Time Walk
2 September 2009

Recent Comments

Alfred on Walk in Egypt

Self-Indulgence on Walk Through Petra
And now I want to go climbing. This has a very large feel to it. Nice.

Amanda on Mango Pyramid
Andrew - can you please make sure you leave the country as soon as this Visa expires? you make me nervous!

Barbie Hunt (Heather's Mom) on Last Memory of Boston
Andrew, I just wanted to say that your photography is fabulous. I'm impressed. Taking pictures is kind of my ...

Nathaniel on Cairo at Night
Dude, great pictures. I am so jealous, all I want to do is go back. If you were to go where you took this picture, and ...

Andrew on Last Memory of Boston
yes ma'am

Andrew on Dresses outside
no they are still worn, I couldn't tell you that I see them worn often in the streets but it does seem like ...

Kat on Dresses outside
they are actually beautiful ... but when you say traditional, do you mean, people don't wear them anymore?

robby (ur broo) on one of the views from the apartment
haha sickkk if only u had a bed dude..if u want i'll send u my (ur-former) pillow

marianne Shafik on Last Memory of Boston
dude did you take this?

Melanie on one of the views from the apartment
I can't wait to see it in person!

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